Of trials and tribulations when visiting Tanzania

ATC News by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome

This article in the news broadcast by In2EastAfrica deserves to get some wider publicity, as it reflects on constant murmurs of similar treatment, of travellers arriving and leaving from Tanzania.

This correspondent in fact recalls an incident in the 1980’s,when PTA currency unit travellers cheques were an accepted way of payment across Eastern Africa, except that is for Tanzania immigration in Dar es Salaam, who refused to accept payment with PTA travellers cheques for the Visa fee and for the added payment then extracted from travellers for a minimum foreign exchange – if correctly recalled some 200 US Dollars equivalent – and bundled me back on my Kenya Airways First Class seat to Nairobi for allegedly ‘NOT WANTING TO PAY THE FEES’ … I travelled the next day via Namanga by road to Arusha, flew from JRO to DAR, attended my meetings and then, lo and behold, met the same…

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